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Ingredients Matter

At Crown Curls,  we only use the highest quality products specifically formulated with the highest grade of ingredients available.  These formulations have been carefully selected by our specialist with your curls in mind.  We will never use any products containing harsh curl-killing ingredients.  Finding products safe for curly hair can be a challenging and confusing task,  so we have curated a selection for every curl and goal in mind.


The Crown Curls Mission

We believe in healthy, natural hair.   Crown Curls is here to help guide you along your journey. We are a safe space for everyone.   Our services are completely personalized and tailored to your individual curl needs.  Curls are not one size fits all, which is why every service we do is customized specifically for your lifestyle, texture, and goals in mind.  Crown Curls was created for the love of all things curly!  That's why we are the first and only fully CGM (curly girl method) salon in the lower mainland.  Curly hair is an intricate and delicate natural fibre.  That is why we are committed to providing the ideal environment for curls to flourish and thrive.  We don't use any harsh chemicals or ingredients that will harm your curls and we use only products that are safe for curly hair.   We are here to help encourage you to see and feel the beauty that is your crowning glory!


Our Curl Specialist

Hi!  My name is Steven and I am the owner and founder of Crown Curls.  Many years of my career have been spent catering to what every curl needs.  I have trained at the Devachan Academy for curly hair in NYC, as well as Spiral XYZ by Lorraine Massey in NYC.  Having the passion to learn and further my education has landed me some of the most prestigious and extensive certification in the industry.  Also as an educator for the top curly hair brand in the industry, I am grateful for the opportunities that arise to connect with people as a specialist in the curly hair industry.  After spending nearly 7 years in the Caribbean, I am happy to be back in Canada to share what I've learned. 


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