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Our Services

  • A dry haircut that works for wavy, curly, and super curly textures.

    1 hr 30 min

    Starting at $120
  • An express cut is a touchup cut for in-between regular Curly Cuts.

    30 min

    Starting at $75
  • Curly Cut for short hair This is only for hair that is clipper-cut le...

    1 hr

    Starting at $65
  • Curly Cut, but allows more time for thicker, longer, or more dense tex...

    2 hr

    Starting at $140

* NOTE* All services are completely customized to your hair and curl type.  All prices listed are a BASE PRICE.  This means that the price is subject to change depending on the duration of your appointment.  Please contact us if you are unsure on pricing or unsure on how to book your appointment. We will be happy to speak with you at the earliest convenience.

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